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The project

For more than 10 years, Vivre en Ville is dedicated to improving the quality of the natural and living environments in Quebec communities by promoting sustainable urban planning. Through research, demonstration projects and support programs, training tools and public events, Vivre en Ville stimulates innovation and participates in the development of sustainable communities, at the building, neighbourhood, city and metropolitan scales. You can support us by becoming a member.

Town planning is an important tool in dealing with the issue of climate change. By defining the way a community is shaped and organized, urban planning determines part of its energy consumption, and thus the quantity of greenhouse gases released by its inhabitants. Nevertheless, it remains largely out of the general debate on this issue.

Although individual actions will not solve everything, Vivre en Ville truely believes it is essential to raise people’s conciousness on these questions. Therefore, Saga City aims both at promoting better practices in urban planning and sensitize the population on the issues at stake. Because there are numerous of them.

The project | Acknowledgment and partners

Film credits

Original idea: Christian Savard
Script: Christian Petit, Luc Chamberland
Director: Luc Chamberland
Narration: Stéphane Archambault
Producer: Christian Petit
Wording: Christian Petit, Christian Savard, David Paradis, Léa Méthé-Myrand, Jeanne Robin
Translation: Séverine Le Page

Storyboard: Julie Rocheleau, Luc Chamberland
Background design: Alain Coudry, Étienne Aubry
Backgrounds: Étienne Aubry, Mila Anctil
Animation : Maude Beaumier Breton, Xavier Trudeau Deschênes, Guillaume Chassé, Hélène Marchal, Thomas Caudron, David Baron, Alexandre Pelletier, Stego, Chris Diaz
Véronique Morier, Luc Chamberland, Guillaume Chouanière
Compositing: Stego, Jo Meuris, Denis Roy, Samuel Coudry-Lemay
Editing: Benoit Chagnon
Music and sound design: Luigi Allemano
Piano and Keyboards: John Sadowy
Upright bass and Ukulele : Luigi Allemano
Drums and Percussions : David Laing
Vibes and Marimba : Catherine Meunier
Violins: François Pilon, Madeleine Messier, Mélanie Bélair
Cellos: Sheila Hannigan, Tim Halliday
Clarinet and Bass clarinet: Mariane Croteau
Flute and Piccolo: Jérôme Laflamme
Trumpets: Ron Di Lauro (1st), Luigi Allemano (2nd)
Bass trombone and Tuba: David Martin
French horns: Louis-Philippe Marsolais, Maude Lussier
Copyist: Tristan Capacchione
Foley artist: Karla Baumgardner
Voice recording: Fred Smith, Fred Smith Studio
Music Mix – NFB: Geoffrey Mitchel, assisted by Mathieu Leroux
Final mix: Roger Guérin (Premium Sound)
Technical coordinator: Julie Laperrière
Sound recording: Luc Léger
Online: Yannick Carrier

NFB team: Gisèle Guilbault, Elaine Largie, Marcy Page, Randall Finnerty, Susan Gourley, David Verrall

The project | Film credits


Vivre en Ville’s team
Hugo Séguin, Pascale Tremblay, Hugo Latulippe, Geneviève Vachon, Myriam Marquis, Paul Lewis, Bernard Gravel, Alexandre Boyer


Gouvernement du Québec
David Suzuki Foundation
National Film Board of Canada
Climate project Canada
Mouvement des établissements verts Brundtland
Institut du nouveau monde
Jour de la Terre
Environnement Jeunesse
Réseau national des conseils régionaux en environnement
Fédération québécoise des municipalités
Union des municipalités du Québec
Association québécoise pour la promotion de l’éducation relative à l’environnement

The project | Film credits